urban scrawl

As much as I say I hate Ohio; Columbus does have a pretty great art community. There are so many people here that have a lot of talent and there are many events that allow people to showcase them. One of the coolest places that artists share their work is 400 W Rich Street which is on the east side of Columbus outside of Franklinton. Here you can showcase anything from musical talents, dance, photography, fine art and anything in between. Recently they put on an event called urban scrawl which is where they open up the courtyard of the venue and allow artists to bring in a large canvas made of wood and the artists spend the weekend painting and allowing people to watch them as they work. I went with my boyfriend and his mom and we had a really great time and I was able to get some very fun photographs as well!

my new nikon coolpix s7000

I was at my home the other day letting my dog outside because my parents had been away for multiple hours and I stumbled across a nikon coolpix s7000 just sitting on the kitchen counter, my father had purchased it for his mother who is unable to use it now because it is very confusing for her. I asked him if I could have it and he said yes, so here is what I created that night after I claimed it! :) I go to a local art college in Columbus called CCAD and these pictures were taken at our welcome week event. I photographed some of my friends and just some random things around campus to test her out!